The Latest from Eric Maruscak

I’ve written before about my friend and co-worker, Illustrator Eric Maruscak of Pepper Ink. A couple of weeks ago he was in Chicago for his latest gig as the chalk artist for the 2009 Chicago Comic Con.

His task was to once again create a large scale chalk mural on paper for the event. And, once again, he delivered in a huge way! This time his subject was from the comic book Ultimate Avengers and was the program cover for the convention. Click on the image for a complete description of the event and to see the work in progress – as well as some other images from the event.

We always poke at Eric at work that he spends so much time “coloring on the floor” and “copying other artists work” but the truth is, Eric is an amazing artist and illustrator in his own right and the scale and detail he puts into these performance pieces is not only fun to watch but inspiring as well.

Check out more of Eric’s growing collection of illustration, cartooning, digital painting, and chalk art at



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