The World of Stock Photography

I’ve been looking into what it takes to get into the stock photography market lately and have found a good place to start.

Awhile back I came across a post by Photoshop & Photography Blogroll member Scott Eccleston of Weekly Photography Tips about an interview he’d listened to about stock photographer extraordinaire Richard Legg. I haven’t delved deep enough, yet, into the vast collection of posts he has on the subject but I think it’s a great resource, not only for stock but for your photography as a whole.

Richard has a whole section of tips and tutorials as well that shows you his lighting setups and explains the descisions he makes to get the results he’s looking for. It’s really insightful and inspirational. Go check him out!

Another resource Scott shared in a related post about microstock photography was an interview he saw with stock photographer Nicole Young where she talks about her experiences as a contributor to iStock Photo.

Have any of you ventured into the world of stock photography? What have you learned? Have any suggestions/tips/warnings that you can share? Where do you contribute your images? How has it worked out for you?

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