Points of View Photo Project: #12

Welcome to the 12th edition of the “Points of View Project“!

Every other Friday I will post a new, out-of-the-camera image for you to download. You may process, manipulate, composite, experiment, or otherwise alter the photo in any way you wish. The hope is that we will get to see a number of different takes on the same image and/or see it used in unique ways as a part of a new image.

This is not a contest or competition. It’s simply a way of stretching our creative muscles and to get those juices flowing through experimentation and seeing how many different interpretations can be applied to the same starting photo.

Check out our Points of View Gallery showing this week’s source image and how it has been seen from our contributors’ different points of view. I am especially pleased with this week’s contributions.

Thank you to everyone who contributed this week!

Here’s the image for week #13:

Points of View Photo Project - Source Image #13

Click here to open the full-size version to download as your starting point. Have fun with it! I’m looking forward to seeing what you come up with!

You can do whatever you want to the photo as long as you use the given photo in some way as part of your final image. In fact, I know the potential is there for a number of people to end up processing the image in very similar ways and getting similar results. Because of that, I’d like to encourage you to experiment and/or take things a couple of steps further to really challenge yourself to make it truly unique.

Once you have worked with the image as much as you feel it needs, simply email it back to me at pov@jasondmoore.com by Wednesday September 23rd for inclusion in the project. Please be sure to include your name, location, and website/blog URL so I may properly credit you.

If you would like to send in a photo – unprocessed, straight out of the camera – for us to use as our starting image for a future week, please send me an email to the same address listed above.

I’d like to note that the image(s) that will be used in a given week are only offered for use within the confines of the “Points of View Project“. I am not releasing any rights for use beyond creating your submission. I would also express the same for any starting images that may be provided by other participants. Feel free to re-post your version of the image on your site to share your participation in the project. I just ask for a link back here when you do.

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