Photo Site Highlight: Plinkk Photography

Tim & Helen Collins - Plinkk Photography

I always hate Tuesdays. By Tuesday you can no longer use the excuse that you’re still getting back up to speed from the weekend. You really have to be on your game even though you’re mentally not there yet. I hate Tuesdays.

That’s why, on this Tuesday, I thought it would be fitting to send you over to check out some excellent photography. You may be somewhat familiar with our highlighted photographer from his participation in our monthly photo contests. Tim Collins, of Plinkk Photography, and his wife Helen do some awesome work in the field of engagement/wedding/event photography. In a genre that can so easily fall into a very formulaic portfolio of images, Tim and Helen have an eye for creating something truly unique.

When I see photographers like these I find myself all the more excited about my own work. I know I’m not there yet, in many ways, but I am reminded that it is possible to capture such beautiful moments and create such breathtaking images and I am given renewed passion to grow in my own craft and, in turn, help others achieve their dreams as well.

So, if you’re like me and you are finding yourself uninspired on this Tuesday, head on over to Plinkk Photography and see what’s out there!


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