Points of View Photo Project Reminder

I know I let it slip last week, in lieu of a software review for theĀ Topaz Adjust Photoshop Plugin but I am still accepting participants for the next Points of View Photo Project.

All the information you need is in the last Points of View post and if you send your version of the image by tonight at 10pm (Eastern) I’ll be sure to include it in the gallery for the project.

The main purpose of this project is to get your creative energy flowing. Everyone sees the finished product in a different way and it’s interesting to discover how each participant in the project takes their own distinct path from the same starting point.

A second goal – and perhaps more important than the first – is to get you involved. This blog, in its current incarnation, was started to build up a community of creative people who are passionate about Photoshop and Photography. And one way of doing that is through these projects. I know that this site, and your experience here, will be enriched the more active participation we see. So please, send in a finished image for the project. Send in a photo to be reviewed. Write a guest blog post or article. Get involved!

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