Monday Morning Updates

Walk4Hearing Photo Silent Auction - Sponsored by Towner Jones Photography & Jason D. Moore Photography

Last night marked the end of our silent auction to support Chris Stern’s Walk4Hearing efforts. In the end, with the help of some awesome photographers, an amazing printing donation via Mpix, and the generous support of those who bid on the prints, we were able to raise a hair under $900 to benefit the Walk4Hearing! Thank you all!

Even though the auction is over, if you would still like to help Chris out, you can donate directly through his donation page.

I have settled on my three videos for the NAPP contest. I’m not going to divulge them until after the deadline so I can be sure they aren’t copied. I’ve finished the opening graphics sequences for all three videos, I’ve outlined the workflow for each and I’m ready to start recording and editing in the next week. Who knows what the outcome of the contest will be with so many excellent trainers out there, but I know that I’ll be able to come up with some great tutorials for three very interesting effects that will provide you with options when you want to look at your subjects in a new way.

Thank you to everyone who has filled out my Photoshop Workshop survey so far! If you haven’t taken it yet, scroll down to the previous post and let me know your thoughts. There are only 11 questions so it won’t take long. I know it’s pretty general but it’s only a starting point as I develop what could be a new series of workshops to help you get better at Photoshop. I will also have more opportunities coming up for you to share your ideas/preferences with me about workshops, so be on the lookout for those!

For those of you with today off for Columbus Day, I hope you’re enjoying your time! Snap a shot for me! And if you have to be at work today, don’t worry, I’m at the office too… We can suffer through it together!


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