Illustrator Eric Maruscak at it Again!

Illustrator Eric Maruscak of - Big Apple Con Chalk Mural

Once again, my friend, illustrator Eric Maruscak of, was in NYC last weekend for the Big Apple Comic Con to create a 9’x14′ Spider-Man and Batman chalk mural.

As I say every time I mention Eric here, I am amazed at his ability to work on such a large scale to create such compelling pieces as a chalk artist. His love for the artistry behind comic books and his admiration for the original artists really shines through and it’s a pleasure to follow everything he’s been up to. And it’s great to hear the stories first-hand and to watch him run around the office as he acts out some of the more interesting encounters he has – namely, the incident with actor Thomas Jane.

If you’d like to follow along with what Eric is up to, be sure to check out all that he has up on his blog and follow him on Twitter @PepperInk.


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