Points of View Update

I have received a number of contributions already for next week’s Points of View Photo Project and I’m thinking that I might turn it into a weekly feature rather than an every other week one.

So, if you would like to participate in this week’s project – which I will be posting tomorrow – download and edit/manipulate/process/doctor/etc. the photo project source image for week #15 and send it in to me at pov@jasondmoore.com by around 9pm (Eastern) tonight for inclusion.

Also, to keep the project going, I would like to solicit your help in providing source images each week! If you would like to have all of us take a crack at your image in an upcoming edition of the project, just send it in to the address above and I’ll drop it into the schedule! If you would prefer to remain anonymous, please indicate that in your email and I will not include your name when posting.

So, get your images in tonight so we can see the collected interpretations tomorrow!


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