The Results Are In: October Photo Contest!

Jason D. Moore's Monthly Photo Contests

It’s that time once again to announce the winner of the latest Monthly Photo Contest!

As it is every month, I am both excited at the number of entries and daunted by the many excellent images submitted. I am also pretty stoked by this month’s prize. The lucky winner is going to be receiving one of their images sublimated on a 16″x20″ piece of metal from our friends over at IGT America. I have one, myself, and it is not only an amazing process, it is also a very unique way of presenting your work.

So, without further ado, the winner of the sublimated photo print is:

late night coffee

“late night coffee” by Zarah Masales

There are so many elements to this shot that just work for me. I love the tones, the simplicity of line, the warmth, the use of bokeh, making the lights almost seem like steam rising out of the cup. I enjoy how the cup is centered horizontally in the image yet the handle keeps it from looking too “centered”, if that makes sense. There’s a nice balance of stillness and the soft energy introduced by the lights. I just kept coming back to this one and I think it’s just great! Nice job, Zarah!

With that said, there were a number of other shots from the contest that I think deserve to be shared with you all because of their execution and their artistry (in no particular order):

Aging Statue - (31/100)

HDR Broken Chair size

Sand Dune Vista

savannah fountain

Great work to everyone who entered in October! Even if it wasn’t featured here, each shot told a story and drew me to it in its own way.

As one contest closes, another one is set to begin! The November Photo Contest is now open! The rules are the same: anyone can enter up to 3 photos between now and midnight (Eastern) on Monday November 3oth and submit them to our Photo Contes Flickr Group.

NOTE: This month, we’re going to do things a little differently. Thanks to a suggestion from my friend, illustrator and chalk artist Eric Maruscak, for this month’s contest I’m looking for your best camera phone photos. You can bring them into Photoshop or Lightroom to process them but the original image has to be taken with your phone.

The winner this month will receive a copy of Scott Kelby’s The Digital Photography Book. So get out there and get shooting!

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