Using Textures – Another Look at Frosty Leaves

As I was initially processing the series from yesterday, I tried to capture the colors and tones I saw that morning while representing my personal style and the somewhat desaturated look I’ve come to really enjoy.

After I got what I was looking for, I decided to play a little bit. To give your images a totally new look and to give your creativity a jolt, you might want to consider applying textures to your photos.

What I did below was take the original set and place an image of stained and worn paper on the top of my layers panel. Then, all I did was  play with blend modes. Because the paper texture I used was a yellowish color with dark areas of random stains and spots it gave the underlying image a warmer tone and an aged look very easily and quite effectively.

I’m not sure which is my favorite version, but below you will see the original and copies where the blend mode of the paper layer was simply changed to Overlay, Multiply, and – my one of my new favorites – Linear Burn.

With just one extra layer, the entire look and feel of the image is changed setting an entirely different mood.

Frosty Leaves Triptych

Frosty Leaves with Paper Texture - Overlay

Frosty Leaves with Paper Texture -  Multiply

Frosty Leaves with Paper Texture -  Linear Burn

Which is your favorite?

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