onOne PhotoFrame 4

onOne PhotoFrame 4

Awhile back I received a copy of PhotoFrame 4 as part of the Plug-ins Suite from onOne Software. I hadn’t had time to use it all that much but playing around with textures as I did last week really inspired me to take it for a spin.

Here is a shot I took over the summer a part of the 2nd Annual Worldwide Photowalk and I feel like it lends itself very well to both techniques. First I duplicated the layer and went up to File>Automate and selected PhotoFrame 4 Professional Edition.

Next I selected two camera frames and one toner frame, arranged the layers and resized until I got the right look. Played with the opacity of each a tad and then applied the resulting frame.

Next, all I did was grab the same paper texture I used last week, experimented with blend modes – I believe this one is just multiply – and that was it!

I think it all comes together pretty well!


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