Blogging Break of Sorts

As the holiday season is upon us and the dawn of the new year with new opportunities and new beginnings is on the horizon I feel like I need to take a little time to refocus and plan for the future.

Over the next week and a half or so there will be some limited blogging as I devote the time I would normally spend developing content to other things that will help with the long-term goals I have set.

I was talking to my good friend Eric, illustrator and chalk artist extraordinaire,  the other day at work about how we both feel like we have so many other things using up our creative juices and our time that we haven’t been able to do the things we really love to do. It’s a sad state of affairs when artists don’t have the time to be artistic. And on top of that we, as creative people, need to be sure that we take the time to be strategic as well so we can make the most of our talents and turn those passions into paying gigs.

There is often a disconnect between the creative and the business arenas. Businesses are often great at management and terrible at execution of creative projects or proper use of creative individuals. After all the fastest way to get something uncreative is to assign it to a committee and ask for it to be done quickly. Likewise, on the other side of things, artistic people are often equally as terrible at management and self-promotion.

And so it is with me. Instead of trying to balance too many things at once and try and fit some time in here or there to move forward I have come to the realization that I need to be more intentional about making things happen for myself. To that end, I am going to be spending the better part of my normal blogging time between now and December 4th brainstorming new projects, contacting various publications, publishers, digital content producers, potential corporate sponsors, and maybe even do a little shooting here and there to get some things moving.

I will be checking my email regularly in case you might have any ideas, suggestions, contacts, leads, offers, or anything else that I might be interested in. I will be continuing with the Points of View Photo Project as scheduled both this week and next so send your contributions in soon! I also hope to be able to  share some special news on the home-front next week if Kim and I are able to find out what we’re having at our next appointment. So please keep checking back.

Thank you to everyone for your support and I look forward to hearing your ideas!


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