Wednesday Inspiration: Jesh de Rox

Jesh de Rox Photography

Need a little help getting through your week? I know I do. Sometimes when work seems to be bearing down on you and the weekend just can’t get here soon enough – and you don’t get snow days when you desperately need one – it helps to just stop and remember to breathe.

I first discovered today’s inspirational site about two years ago and was lucky enough to find it again the other day. I had forgotten what a gem it is. Jesh de Rox Photography takes you in like very few other sites do. From your first moment landing on the page you are invited on a journey through beautiful imagery and music with a sense of timelessness.

The site is for people in love. And if you’re finding it hard to make through this week turn up your sound, get comfortable, and remember who you’re doing this for, and be ready to be inspired.

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