Taking it to the Next Level

I have recently begun talks with a popular web design site to be one of their contributing writers – on an article by article basis. I am very excited about this new opportunity and the challenges it brings.

I am already formulating my first article based on taking something ordinary and transforming it into something unique. I will be doing a start-to-finish workflow, from concept to final image, using my mini-planet tutorial as the basis.

There are many instances when you have a photo and you’re just unimpressed. Not because it isn’t a well-composed, evenly exposed, sharp image, but because it looks like everything else you’ve shot. That’s exactly when you need to do something drastic and jump into the surreal.

Also, coming down the pike with this new venture, I will be writing an article on search engine optimization (SEO) that all you bloggers and website owners out there will want to read so you can make your sites more search-engine-friendly and get more of the traffic you desperately want, and need to keep new customers coming in.

In my final article of my initial series with them, I’ll present an in-depth review of a piece of digital asset management (DAM) software that helps keep all of your files and file associations in order for speedier searching and a more efficient workflow.

When I’m done writing the first article and it is ready to go live, I will certainly share some excerpts here and link you to the entire article for you to enjoy.


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