When I Grow Up I Want to Shoot Like…

David Sacks Photography

It’s Wednesday again, and one of the things I like to do when I’m feeling so uninspired and uncreative is to look at the work of those who are doing something awesome.

For this week’s Wednesday inspiration, we turn to photographer David Sacks and, in particular, his philanthropy gallery. I recently came across David’s work while trying to spark something within myself as I struggle to make it through my work week.

All of his galleries are exceptional, but there was just something about the images in this gallery that really struck me. The image above was especially moving to me. I don’t know if it’s the tones, the color, the subject matter, or what, I’m just really drawn in to this great shot.

I actually like it better when I can’t put my finger on what works for me. When there is too much balance, too many rules followed, too much that is “right” in the photo I am often turned off because, sometimes, it becomes almost sterile, boring, or predictable.

Sometimes you need to throw the rules right out the window and just fire away because, in the end, a well-composed, well-exposed, tack sharp photo can still be “cookie-cutter” and lack the emotional depth that a photo taken in the moment can contain.

For me, David Sacks has that extra something that draws me and he takes shots at a level that I aspire to. Be sure to check him out.


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