Hopes & Dreams for 2010

*NOTE: Apparently, when you don’t set the publish time when you thought you did, the post won’t appear when you planned… I wrote this one for yesterday’s post and messed it up. So I hope you enjoy it today!

Now that we’re into the new year we are starting to see how all the resolutions and good intentions are either starting to slip already or, at the very least, the reality is sinking in about whether or not you can follow through.

I never really make resolutions with the new year. I tend to set goals for myself, things to work towards, rather than deciding to do things that I’m not really all that committed to.

Some of the things I’m working towards this year – not just because of the new year but because it’s where I’m at personally – are to grow more in my abilities as a creative professional. I have a subscription to Kelby Training that I’m going to take advantage of. I am going to finally sit down and take the ACE recertification exam. I am going to get back on track with my own training so I can, in turn, share that knowledge with others.

I am already in development on a couple of projects that will not only challenge me, but will also partner me with another great blogger.

I am fostering relationships with my readers to get more involvement and to further develop the sense of community that we have here. If you have any suggestions or ideas, I am always eager to hear them!

I am reaching out more than I have before (something I’m not very good at) to establish some corporate sponsorships so I might be able to devote more time to following my passion for digital imagery and Photoshop education.

I am also in talks with a couple of different photo and design blogs to contribute articles which will, likewise, serve both purposes of producing educational content and compensating me for my work.

And the list goes on.

What are some of your goals for the coming year? What are some of your plans to branch out and grow beyond where you are now? Are you just wishfully thinking? Or are you giving yourself  realistic yet challenging benchmarks to reach?


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