Monday Blog News

I thought I would start off the week with a few invitations and updates to help everyone get more involved here at Jason D. Moore Photography.

First off, thank you to Jim for the suggestions and for everyone who has been commenting on the ethics posts from last week. There has been some excellent points made and I think we all have some things to consider as we approach these situations in the future. If you have something to say about it, please, join the conversation! It is your comments and contributions that give this community its life.

Secondly, before I get to other updates, I’d like to invite you to participate in this blog community in another way, through sponsorship. As with many of you, I’m sure, I am working diligently to turn my passion into my profession. I am always grateful for the support that I receive from everyone who comes across the blog, whether it is by being a regular reader, commenter, project contributor, or sponsor. And all of these avenues of support go to further my goals for the blog and for my personal goal of making my work here more of a full-time thing.

For everyone who reads or otherwise contributes, I thank you! However, if you would like to do more, I would like to encourage you to either donate securely thru PayPal by clicking the button to the right or by sponsoring either a particular project or the site as a whole by visiting my support page to learn how.

Finally, some updates. There is still time to participate in a number of our upcoming projects and contests. Check out last Friday’s Points of View Photo Project post to grab the source images for this week’s edition.

There is also still time to enter the January 2010 Photo Contest for your chance to win a copy of The iPhone Book. Enter now!

If you would like to become a guest blogger for us, please send me a message via the contact link up top along with some samples of what you do and some topic ideas and I’ll be in touch!

Finally, want some advice on your photos? Want to know what’s working and what you could improve on? Send your shots to and I’ll be glad to share my thoughts on your work.

That’s about it for today. Please remember to participate in the discussions, contribute to the projects, enter the contest, submit your photos for review, and consider how you might support Jason D. Moore Photography!

Thanks Everyone!


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