Points of View Photo Project: #23

Points of View Photo ProjectWelcome to our 23rd edition of the Points of View Photo Project here at Jason D. Moore Photography!

We saw a really good showing this week with 5 participants in the project! Thank you all so much! I think we have a great mixture of interpretations this time around that I’m sure you will enjoy. I particularly appreciate it when someone really makes it their own and does something special with it – be it a nice processing treatment or an outside-the-box edit job.

Before we get too much farther I’d like to, once again, extend an invitation to you to share your out-of-the-camera original images to serve as our starting point in an upcoming week. Read on down to the bottom of the post for more info and where to send it.

And now, on to the images!

Points of View Photo Project - Patrick ComtoisPatrick Comtois had this to say about his presentation of our source image:

“This picture screamed simple BW to me.

Nothing fancy.  Removed the debris on the escalator as I felt it drew the eye away from the down escalator.  Ran the pic through Define 2.0 and converted to BW with a few control points.”

Nice job, Patrick!

Points of View Photo Project - Steve Kalman

Steve Kalman:

First, I edited the area around the top step to clean up the dropped rag and the scuffed plates at the top of the step.  Next, I tonemapped in Photomatix Pro to give it a grunge look, but kept a light tough on the controls. Third, I used the high contrast preset in the curves adjustment tool. Step 4 was to sharpen in a heavy handed way: duplicate the layer, convert to Black/White and then use the high pass filter with a radius of 10 to outline the edges. Change the blend mode to Hard Light and drop the opacity to 65%. Last was to flatten, duplicate change blend to screen, mask and invert to hide the effect, then paint in some brightness on the landing at the bottom of the escalator and lower opacity to 50%. Flatten and save.

Points of View Photo Project - Hendrik Demey

Hendrick Demey:

1. Opened image in ACR and improved settings (highlight recovery, some increase in vibrance). Straightened and recropped image.

2. In PS several nik filters
– DFine in order to reduce noise
– Pro contrast in Color Efex Pro
– SIlver Efex Pro to make a B&W conversion.

3. Akvis Sketch to change the picture in a cartoon and introduce a texture of folded paper 4. In PS changed the Akvis layer to about 80% in order to bring back some of the B&W coloring.

Points of View Photo Project - Jason D. MooreThere really isn’t a lot to say about this one.

I just did some cropping and a number of tonal, clarity, and sharpening adjustments in Lightroom before applying a vignette.

I really liked the mix of natural and artificial light and the colors they produced throughout the image, and I even processed a similar shot from this location to bring them out more. However, there was just something about the black and white that allows you to really focus on the textures and shapes. And, to me, that was more interesting for this particular version.

Points of View Photo Project - Will DickersonWill Dickerson:

“ok, I admit.. i got carried away with one of these, but i haven’t played with CS4 in awhile and wanted to get back into it…

the second one I used 4 different versions (created from presets from LR3 beta and combined them in CS4”

I have to admit, I think the first one is great! It really takes it to a surreal level and makes you spend more time in the image. Nicely done!

Points of View Photo Project - Source Image, Out of the camera originalWe’d love to have you join us next week for another edition of the Points of View Photo Project! All you have to do is download the source image – to the left – and process it however you wish. Simply send your finished version to pov@jasondmoore.com along with your name, location, URL, and a description of what you did to the photo. Get it to me by 8pm EST on Thursday February 4th and come back on the 5th to see the different interpretations! – Extra points if you can tell me who the legs in the upper right belong to!

Have fun!

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