TJM Media Group Presents: Start to Finish: Episode 1

The TJM Media Group is pleased to announce the release of the first episode of “Start to Finish” – a series where you, the reader, will help select each month’s photography and graphic design assignment and then watch as your projects are completed, from start to finish. The key to this being a fun, interesting, and informative feature is your interaction. In this first episode, we had to come up with a basic concept on our own.

In this episode, we go on assignment to the grounds of the University of Virginia and photograph Thomas Jefferson’s historic academic village. Photographs are captured to demonstrate basic pano-stitching techniques back in the studio. It was a simple task to get the series up and running.

We have every confidence that you can do much better!

Here’s how we’d like it to work:

Each month we need two basic assignments – a photographic concept and a final presentation.

For example, a suggestion for a photographic concept might be:

Demonstrate the process for capturing the photos needed to render an HDR image of the Lincoln Memorial. The resulting final presentation concept might be: Render the HDR image and present as a fine art print.

(OK, that one seems pretty neat. We might use it… )

Email your suggestions to:

We look forward to working on YOUR assignments.

All the best,

Rob Jones and Jason Moore
Founders, TJM Media Group


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