Weekend Photo Shoot

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of setting up in my living room to shoot some photos of my beautiful wife Kim, her friend Tisha and her husband Steve, and even get a new headshot taken – by Kim.

Find out more about the setup I used and check out a selection from the shoot after the jump…

It wasn’t a very complicated setup, actually. I unfolded my reversible 4’x6′ black/white fast-fold background – which I can never seem to re-fold very easily. I used my Nikon SB-600 speedlight on a stand about 3 feet to the left and slightly in front of the subjects. I placed a 3’x6′ Westcott Scrim Jim with a white surface in front of the light to act as a diffuser to soften the light. And that was just about it. One light, a diffuser, and a background.

This is the most I’ve ever used off-camera flash and I am pretty pleased with the results for my first time out.

And now, for the photos!

My wife, Kim, and our cute miniature dachshund Milo. Kim's friend from high school, Tisha, who is also pregnant and due a couple of weeks before us!
  • These are beautiful! I love the square crops. And they look really comfortable for you in front of the camera.

    February 9, 2010 at 1:49 am

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