Reminders and Such

As the week and month progresses I figured it would be a good time to pass on a few reminders for how you can take part in the goings on here at Jason D. Moore Photography.

  • Start to Finish – We want to know what you want to know more about! Tells us what shooting techniques and post-processing effects you’ve always wanted to learn and you’ll see it in an upcoming episode of the brand new podcast from the TJM Media Group! (
  • Points of View Photo Project – Grab the source image. Process it. Send it in by 8pm EST tomorrow night to share your interpretation alongside those from other readers. Also, send in your out-of-the-camera original photos for use as our source image in an upcoming week! (
  • Monthly Photo Contest – The February Contest is on! Submit up to 3 photos for your chance to win a really cool prize!
  • Sponsor Us! – Support the work here at Jason D. Moore Photography by sponsoring a regular feature or by placing your advertising in any number of places on the site. You can also make a donation with the secure PayPal link in the sidebar. Please consider how you would like to show your support!

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