Cool Text Effect

Cool Text Effect from Photoshop User Magazine

I just learned how to do this really cool effect while reading one of the Down and Dirty Tricks tutorials in latest issue of Photoshop User Magazine. Click “more” to learn how to do it!

  1. Using thick block letters, type your word in the upper right of a black frame. Once you’re happy with it, make your text black.
  2. Make your text a selection by Cmd/Ctrl clicking on the layer thumbnail. Go to Select>Modify>Border and add a 30px border.
  3. Create a new layer below the current text layer by holding down Cmd/Ctrl when you click on the “Create New Layer” icon.
  4. Fill the selection with white and deselect using Cmd/Ctrl+D. Change the blend mode of this layer to “Dissolve.”
  5. Create another new Layer below this layer and merge the two together by selecting them both and pressing Cmd/Ctrl+E.
  6. Go to Fitler>Blur>Radial Blur and choose “Zoom” as your blur type and push the slider all the way over to 100. You’ll have to do some trial and error to get your positioning right and you may have to undo a few times.
  7. Once you have your blur the way you want it, press Cmd/Ctrl+F to repeat the blur to help smooth out your light beams a little bit.
  8. Grab your Gradient Tool (G) and select a radial gradient going from white to transparent. On a new layer above your text, click and drag from the center of your blur to the bottom of your text to create a hotspot.
  9. Make your text layer a Smart Object by Cmd/right-clicking on the layer and choosing “Covert to Smart Object”.
  10. Duplicate your text layer, flip it vertically, and position it so the bottoms of the text line up – like a reflection.
  11. Go into Free Transform with Cmd/Ctrl+T, Cmd/right-click in the transform box and select “Distort”.
  12. Grab the bottom corners and, while holding down Shift, drag out to stretch the text out. Use the light beams as your guide so the perspective lines of the text line up with the light source.
  13. Since the shadow of the text is also a smart object, I added a slight Gaussian Blur as a Smart Filter to it and with a linear black to white gradient from where the two layers of text meet downward I made it seem like the shadow was sharper closest to the text and it started to blur as it moved away.
  14. Add a layer mask to the shadow layer. And, using the same gradient settings, drag black to white from the bottom of the shadow layer to where the two text layers meet.
  15. Select your original text layer and open the blending options.
  16. With the Blend If sliders at the bottom, hold down Option/Alt and drag the right-hand handle on the slider for the underlying layer to allow some of the beams to show through.
  17. Add a Hue/Saturation Adjustment Layer to colorize it a little bit and you’re all set!

Give it a try and leave a comment with a link to it so we can all have a look or send it to me and I’ll post a collection of them next week!

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