New Points of View Photo Project Image

Ok, since I haven’t gotten any submissions for this week’s Points of View Photo Project as of yet, and I’ve heard that it wasn’t the best source image to use, I’ve decided to offer up an alternate.

Points of View Photo Project

Send in your version of the shot above to by 8pm EST tomorrow night!

And, as always, I encourage you to send in your out-of-the-camera originals (1000px on the longest side @ 72dpi) for use in an upcoming week.

I’m also playing with the idea of changing the Points of View Project a little bit. As we’ve been doing since the new year, I’ve invited each contributor to write up a little bit about what they’ve done to the image and offer some insight into why they made the creative decisions they did.

I’d like to hear from you before I move forward, but I’m thinking of inviting those of you who wish to participate to send in one of your photos (fully processed) along with a description of your workflow from concept to execution. It wouldn’t have to be terribly detailed or in-depth, just giving some background on both the how and the why of your process. Each Friday I would highlight a new contributor (though, you could send in multiple shots and you’d be highlighted more than once) complete with a short bio and link back to your site/blog/Twitter account/Flickr photostream/etc.

Sound off in the comments below and, if you’re interested, send in your image(s) and write up to the email address above. If there is enough interest, we’ll start next Friday!

Let me know!

  • Steve K

    Great idea. I love it. Count me in,.

    I’d also like to ask participants to be sure to post the original as well as the finished (and possibly interim step) versions.

    I’m not sure if everyone would go for this, but I’d certainly like to see what others would do with the same original, even after seeing my workflow. I know I got some valuable input when I submitted the HDR originals to POV last month.

    February 17, 2010 at 9:17 am

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