Points of View Photo Project #25

Points of View Photo Project #25 - Source ImageHey Everyone! Welcome to the 25th installment of the Points of View Photo Project!

Today’s source image was taken on my honeymoon back in the fall of 2007. We went back to the park where the ceremony was held and we noticed all along the riverbed, someone had gone and stacked rocks into hundreds and hundreds of these things. Very strange, but very cool!

Click “more” to see how Hendrick Demey and I processed this photo. Then, scroll to the bottom of this post to grab the source image for next week (generously provided by Hendrik).

Points of View Photo Project #25 - Hendrik DemeyHendrik Demey:

1. using ACR I made 3 exposures of the original at +2 – 0 -+2 EV; afterwards in Photoshop I created a pseudo-HDR file of these 3 pictures.
2. Tone mapping using Photomatix Pro; I especially desaturated the shadow saturation. Saved the file as 16-bit tiff.
[Perhaps these steps were superfluous; the same effect could be attained with nik filters, I think.]
3. Reopened the resulting tiff file in Photoshop. Noise reduction using nik DFine, contrast enhancement with nik Color Efex Pro Contrast. Selective sharpening and structure enhancement of the piled stones with nik Sharpener.
4. As an afterthought, I reduced the brightness of several overbright regions in order not to lead to eyes away from the piled stones

Points of View Photo Project #25 - Jason D. MooreHere’s what I did:

First, I brought it into Topaz Adjust – one of my new favorite tools – and applied a modified preset. I then did a pretty quick selection in Quick Mask to select everything but the stones and then applied a slight Lens Blur to the rest to push it further into the background.

Next, I placed a texture, in a similar fashion to my tutorial from the other day. And then I just applied a vignette with Filter>Distort>Lens Correction.

That’s it!

Points of view Photo Project #26 Source ImageNow, if you would like to participate next week, download the source image to the right, provided by Hendrik (thanks!) and email it to pov@jasondmoore.com by 8pm EST next Thursday, February 25th.

Good luck! And I’m looking forward to your submissions!

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