Society of Photobloggers

Friend-of-the-Blog Dave Beckerman of Beckerman Photo has just started a new project that I think a lot of photobloggers out there might be interested in.

It’s a project called the Society of Photobloggers and it’s aim is to help drive traffic to your blog as well as help you build your SEO (Search Engine Optimization) so search engines will rank you better.

From Dave’s post:

Imagine a day when, the content of your photoblog (say four or five posts), suddenly appears in 50 other photoblogs as the latest post.  The lastest content from your photoblog is suddenly all over the internet.  People are discovering your photos wherever they go.  As the day goes on, other posts begin to appear in the 50 photoblogs, and slowly the post with your wonderful content drops down a notch… and eventually becomes another archived post. But since the post is through an RSS feed, it still changes as you add new photos to your blog.

Still, every so often, since you’ve been featured in 50 photoblogs, you still get a better ranking in search engines, and your traffic goes up.

Might be something worth looking into to help raise your profile within the photoblogosphere.


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