Points of View Photo Project #27

Points of View Photo Project #27 - Columbus Skyline - Courtesy of Marc BentonWelcome to the 27th week of the Points of View Photo Project!

This week we are fortunate to have a source image from Friend-of-the-Blog Marc Benton of the Columbus Skyline. Thank you Marc!

We have 6 versions for your enjoyment this week! I am excited for the continued growth of the project and I encourage you all to give it a shot for next week. We have a special image at the end of the post that comes from my brother, Chris, from his recent trip to Antarctica.

So have a look at what we all did to process this initial photo and, who knows, you might learn a little something too!

Points of View Photo Project #27 - Marc BentonFirst from Marc Benton:

The image was taken last October in Columbus, OH.  I had just bought my 50mm 1.4 and went out to see what I could see during a business trip there.  The shot was taken handheld around dusk.

Here’s the exif:
Camera – Canon 40D
Lens – 50mm 1.4
Shutter – 1/125
Aperture – f/1.4  (yeah I know I should have upped it but I was like a kid with a new toy so I don’t think I took it off 1.4 all day 😉 )
ISO – 400

I believe I did all the processing in Lightroom and did not export it to Elements like I normally do.  First I adjusted the levels slightly then applied a preset to it.  The preset was Matt’s Vintage New York-01 (http://www.lightroomkillertips.com/2009/presets-vintage-new-york-look/).  I liked the Gotham feel this preset gives but it needed something more so I added a little more vignette.

Thats it, nothing more was done except resizing.  No cropping.

Points of View Photo Project #27 - Xavier WallachFrom newcomer, Xavier Wallach:

In CameraRAW:
push up fill light & blacks, clarity, sharpness + graduated filter
then in Photoshop CS4:
played with levels, light & dark tones, curves + unsharp mask
finished with noise reduction

Welcome, Xavier! I hope you’ll continue to contribute to the project!

Points of View Photo Project #27 - Andy SmithFrom one of our regulars, Andy Smith:

In Photoshop:

Adjusted Curves in LAB color mode, then returned to RGB.
Adjusted image with Shadows and Highlights.
Adjusted Curves.
Added a homemade texture layer and adjusted opacity.
Adjusted Shadows and Highlights again, then added a feathered border with a color sampled from the photograph.
One more Curves adjustment.

Points of View Photo Project #27 - Jason D. MooreHere’s mine…

I started by making some adjustments to the Photo Drama preset in Topaz Adjust.

I then duplicated the layer and set the blend mode to Screen to bring out the highlight areas a bit.

Next I added a vignette to the background layer to help keep your eye in the frame.

Finally, I added a Curves adjustment layer to make the contrast pop a little more.

Points of View Photo Project #27 - Hendrik DemeyFrom Hendrik Demey:

PP done in Lightzone:
– White balance
– Relight tool
-Saved file as .tiff

PP done in CS4 based on the resulting .tiff:
– preliminary work in ACR
– several nik Color Efex filters: Pro Sharpener, Monday Morning, Darken/Lighten Center
– Output sharpening with nik Sharpener Pro, using -22% structure and -10% local contrast

Points of View Photo Project #27 - Will DickersonAnd, finally, from Will Dickerson:

made a small selection of city, flipped it Vertacally and that became my reflection….

removed the dull sky and added a texture file as the new sky and reflected sky…

added a little wind and desat’d it….

added some flying birds…via  a Brush i found on web…

added window frame …..

Nice work everyone!

Points of View Photo Project # 28 - Courtesy of Chris MooreAnd now, for next week! Click on the image to the right and download it to your computer. Process it however you like and send the final version back to me, along with the steps you took, your city/state/country, and the URL for your blog, site, or Twitter so I can properly credit you. Email everything to me at pov@jasondmoore.com by Thursday 3/11/10 at 8pm EST.

Also, if you would like to share a source image (straight out of the camera, no processing) for use in an upcoming week, please send it along to the email address above.

Looking forward to your interpretations!

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