Points of View Photo Project #28

Points of View Photo Project # 28 - Courtesy of Chris MooreHappy Friday everyone! You know what that means, it’s time for the 28th installment of the Points of View Photo Project!

As I mentioned last week, this week’s source image comes all the way from Antarctica courtesy of my brother, Chris.

For those of you who might be new to this photo project of ours, each week I post a source image (either my own or user-submitted) that is straight out of the camera without any post-processing whatsoever. Anyone is free to download it, edit it however they like, and return it to me with an explanation of their processing so I can post it with the other submissions.

But why keeping trying to explain it when you can see how it all works for yourself with this week’s source image. Enjoy!

Points of View Photo Project #28 - Victoria PickeringVictoria Pickering:

1.  Reversed the direction of the penguin (cut out a rectangle around the penguin)
2.  Cropped the photo
3.  Blended and cloned the sky and mountains as needed to cover up the seam from reversing the penguin
4.  Cloned out some dark areas in the snow
5.  Used curves and saturation to increase the contrast of the photo slightly before converting to b&w
6.  Used Photoshop’s b&w conversion

Points of View Photo Project #28 - Xavier WallachXavier Wallach:

I adjusted vibrancy, clarity & contrast in CamreRAW.
I also warmed it up using the color temperature sliders.
This brought back deteils

Then in photoshop,
I blurred the shy to get rid of the noise.
on a new copy layer, I applied Nikkor color effect (bi-color & contrast color range).
I added a white mask & using my black blush, I revealed back the penguin from the Cameraw version.

Points of View Photo Project #28 - Hendrik DemeyHendrik Demey:

1. Opened image, no changes in ACR
2. Duplicated image, rotated it horizontally and merged 2 layers in order to have a symmetrical pair of pinguins.
3. Noise reduction using nik DFine.
4. nik Color Efex “Pro Contrast” Filter.
5. nik Viveza in order to increase structre in the mountains and foreground ice rocks.
6. nik Silve Efex Pro for B/W conversion using a “warm tone” setting, and vignetting effect.

Points of View Photo Project #28 - Joan HoffmanJoan Hoffman:

Having lived in Canada’s arctic for several years in the 90’s, the simplicity of this image really reminded me of the Inuit artwork, that I so admire.  SO, in keeping I tried to make the image about line and form to emulate their wonderful work

I. opened it in PS8,duplicated,  and applied fine edges (twice), then overlayed and set the opacity to approx 40%.

2.  opened in Lightroom and applied the cold tone preset, and then adjusted the hue and contrast till I got what I wanted

Points of View Photo Project #28 - Jason D. MooreJason D. Moore:

I tried going in and messing around in Topaz Adjust again this time but I just wasn’t feeling it.

So, I switched over to Lightroom 3 Beta and thought I would take a slightly more traditional approach with the image. I converted to Black and White, added a bit of grain, lens vignetting, bumped the clarity all the way, tweaked the exposure and shadows, bumped up the recovery to pull out more detail in the snow, and finished it off with some split toning.

Nothing too fancy, but I think it works pretty well. I always feel like I could do better.

Points of View Photo Project #29 - Source ImageFor next week, with St. Patrick’s Day coming up, I thought it fitting to have us all use an image I took when I was in Portrush, County Antrim, Northern Ireland (where my paternal grandmother’s family lived) for St. Patrick’s Day in 2005.

All you have to do is click on the image to the right, process it, and email it back to me at pov@jasondmoore.com by 8pm EST on Thursday 3/18/10. Be sure to include your name, location, URL, and a description of how you processed the image.

Good luck!

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