Guest Post: Your Camera Called – It Wants a Photographer Upgrade – by Kevin Halliburton

If you are like me, you have been shopping for newer and better image making gear in the last 12 months. Maybe you aren’t spending your money at the moment but you have probably at least been enviously tracking some of the latest developments, and wow, have there been some developments! Camera intelligence is rocketing forward at an amazing rate.

It leaves me wondering, when will cameras become intelligent enough to start shopping for better photographers? Think about that possibility for a moment. What upgrades would your camera be shopping for if it was in the market for a photographer upgrade?

This is an actual exercise I give myself at least once a year. I make a photographer upgrade wish list for my camera then I go shopping for the training, information and disciplines I need to better meet those specs.

Here is my camera’s current photographer wish list:

  1. Modern Design: Present model is looking a little dated. Needs personal style and wardrobe update. Yes, it matters.
  2. Image Stabilization: I’m pretty good at compensating for body shake but if I had a photographer that could hand hold 1/30 like a rock, my keeper rate would go way up.
  3. Dust Reduction: I’ve got dust seals, special coatings and super-ultra-sonic sensor shake technology to keep my images clean but my photographer can’t even bother with a consistent cleaning regimen to keep me in top shape. Seriously need an upgrade on this spec!
  4. Intuitive Live View: Constantly framing pictures in his mind. The live view on my current photographer body misses far too many amazing moments.
  5. Mirrorless Technology: Self focused, internal reflection of present model doesn’t always get out of the way fast enough to catch the most revealing subject moments. Intuitive live view coupled directly to better subject focus would not only reduce the size of my present photographer’s ego, it would be so much easier to work with!
  6. Auto Priority Mode: Knows what really matters in life and keeps it all in perspective.
  7. ISO (Sensitivity): Connects with all subjects on a personal level – Even when shooting the obligatory cat, sunset and flower macros.
  8. Noise Reduction: Less talking, more shooting.
  9. Durability: Has the stamina to get to interesting places and keep shooting all day with energy to spare.
  10. Auto Firmware Update: Constantly learning and applying new information.
  11. Intuitive Help System: Teacher at heart with a history of freely sharing what they know.
  12. In camera processing: Knows how to get it right in the camera, and fast.
  13. Advanced Image Processing Engine: Knows how to post process to fully translate their vision into something stunning.
  14. Pop up Flash: Random flashes of brilliance constantly popping into their mind. Needs to be bright enough to actually translate those ideas into compelling photographs instead of the current stack of random notes and sketches my current photographer produces.
  15. Advanced Lighting Control System: Knows how to find, create, place and manipulate all forms of light on and off camera
  16. Internal Controls: Keeps its emotions in check and solves every problem with unshakable confidence
  17. Frame Rate: Takes at least one picture/day, every day.
  18. Live View:  and probably most importantly…
  19. Pixel (peeping) Density: Less is more – Photographer’s pixel peeping density is getting excessive already, what I really want is less noise… refer #8. Would definitely trade a lower pixel peeping density for a higher frame rate any day.

How about you? What would your camera put on its list if it was shopping for a photographer upgrade? Just imagine what that thing could do if it could only get it’s hands on an upgraded body.

Kevin Halliburton
Ice Imaging – Abilene, TX


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