Points of View Photo Project #30

Points of View Photo Project #29 - Source Image 2Welcome to our 30th week of the Points of View Photo Project!

I know we’re a day early this time around. I have a product review coming up tomorrow in conjunction with a special discount from our friends over at Mpix that you won’t want to miss!

This week’s source images come from regular contributor, Hendrik Demey of Antwerp, Belgium. Check out our entries after the jump, and if you’d like to share one of your photos as our source image in a coming week, please send it to pov@jasondmoore.com and you could see it featured here very soon!

In the meantime, here are this week’s Points of View:

Points of View Photo Project #30 - Xavier WallachXavier Wallach – Paris, France:

I first processed the 3 images in Photomatix (-3/0/+3 expositions)

Then in Photoshop CS4:
– duplicate background layer
– desaturate copied layer
– applicate High Path filter
– remove foot steps in bottom left corner with patch tool & clone tool
– apply
nikkor color fx cross process
– slightly blurr the sky to remove noise

Points of View Photo Project #30 - Steve KalmanSteve Kalman:

1. Took the three images into Photomatix, twice.
1a. Tonemapped on high (liked sky)
1b. Tonemapped on medium (liked snow)
2. Brought into PS as layers (via bridge)
3. Added a mask to the  1b layer and then a gradient to mask out the snow, keep sky
4. flattened
5. Levels adjustment to add some contrast
6. brighten snow  via: dup layer, blend to screen, mask, invert, paint white on mask over snow to reveal, drop opacity to 60
7. flatten and dup
8. Topaz adjust to bring out colors in snow, flatten and save

time: 10 miins.

Points of View Photo Project #30 - Hendrik DemeyHendrik Demey – Antwerp, Belgium:

What follows is my processed image dating from Jan 8th.

– Images combined into a HDR using CS4

– Tonemapping using Photomatix Pro, with a “life-like” rendering

– some postprocessing in Photoshop using nik DFine and nik Sharpener Pro.

Points of View Photo Project #30 - Jason D. MooreJason D. Moore:

This was my first attempt using Photomatix and I must say, it was very simple to use and produced some really nice effects. I decided to go Real World HDR on this one instead of going the more painterly, surreal route with it.

Basically, all I did was do some tonemapping in Photomatix, apply a Curves Adjustment Layer, and a blue Photo Filter Adjustment Layer with a gradient mask so that it just affected the snow in Photoshop CS4.

I didn’t think it really needed much else.

Points of View Photo Project #31 - Source Image, Out-of-Camera OriginalAnd now for next week’s source image! If you’d like to participate in the photo project next week, click on the image to the right to open it full-size, download it, process it, and send it back to me at pov@jasondmoore.com before 8pm EDT next Thursday, April 1. Please be sure to include your name, location and URL so I can properly credit your work.

Also, be sure to stop back tomorrow for my product review and special discount code for Mpix!

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