Mpix Review: Canvas Gallery Wraps

Mpix Canvas Gallery Wrap ReviewThis is the first in a series of product reviews featuring the various products offered by our friends over at Mpix.

Today we’re going to take a look at a 16×24 Canvas Gallery Wrap that I recently had printed of one of  my favorite shots taken in Ithaca, NY last spring on one of my photowalks.

Mpix is offering a special 25% discount on Canvas Gallery Wraps for my readers until Wednesday 3/31 at Midnight CST. All you have to do is enter the code JMOOREGW during checkout to receive the special pricing. The discount applies to all gallery wraps regardless of size, so if you want to offer a special product for your clients, give a unique gift with Easter coming up, or just have a new piece to hang in your home or office, you should definitely check it out! You could save up to $42.50 off a 24×36!

Let’s get to it!

Mpix Canvas Gallery Wrap ReviewStarting at the beginning, I placed my order on Sunday afternoon for 4 separate products. Each one was custom to my needs based on size and features and in order for them to all be shipped together, it took a couple of days to print, assemble, and package the prints for shipping. I received my shipping confirmation on Wednesday afternoon and FedEx Next Business Day got it to my front door in less than 24 hours from Joplin, MO. I’ve ordered individual prints from them where I’ve ordered on one evening, got a shipping confirmation the next day, and received my prints within a couple of days with standard shipping. Other than staving off my own anticipation over their arrival, the entire ordering and delivery process exceeded my expectations.

Mpix Canvas Gallery Wrap ReviewNot only was the shipping process speedy and without incident, the care with which they packaged the collection of prints was quite impressive. As you can see from the above image, the boxes were very sturdy and well-taped to ensure a safe journey. The gallery wrap – and standout, which I’ll be discussing in a later review – was packed face-in to keep the front surface protected. Each print was also covered with a sheet of protective foam/plastic as an added layer of protection to the face of it and then inserted into a plastic bag to protect against moisture in transit. Finally, the prints were sandwiched by some over-sized, heavyweight cardboard, fit to the dimensions of the outer box, to help prevent dents and dings to the edges even if it were to be banged during delivery.

Mpix Canvas Gallery Wrap ReviewOpening the box and removing the gallery wrap from its packaging is an exciting experience! Whenever I get a box in the mail I feel like a kid on Christmas. I wasn’t sure what the actual product would be like, having never really seen this process done before and I have to say, it’s really cool!

In case you’re not familiar, gallery wraps are printed on canvas and wrapped around a 1.5″ width wooden stretcher frame complete with a finished back and attached wall hanger.

One of the things I wasn’t sure about when I first heard of these was the fact that a portion of the image would be wrapped around the edge and the main canvas area on the front surface wouldn’t show the entire image as I intended it. However, having seen it in person, I can really see the appeal. Not only does the extra inch and a half out from the wall give it extra depth, but the way the image continues on all sides provides an added dimension of interest and really helps you experience the photo rather than just view it.

Mpix Canvas Gallery Wrap ReviewOne of the things I always worry about whenever I print any of my shots is whether or not I sharpened it too much, or not enough, or if the details would hold up or if the colors would be true. I’ve had it happen before that what I saw on the screen didn’t match what came out of the printer. Though the photo to the right isn’t a great representation of the real thing, I think the details and colors reproduced perfectly here. Ask anyone and they’ll tell you that color and sharpness are perhaps the most important aspects of a print. And in this case, I was very impressed with the results!

Mpix Canvas Gallery Wrap ReviewI’ve got to say that my expectations were certainly exceeded with the gallery wrap. I knew that Mpix would come through with an excellent print as they always have before but this presentation is simply amazing!

As I mentioned at the start, these make great offerings for clients, gifts for friends and family, and decorative pieces for your home or office. They are available in sizes from 8×10 all the way up to 24×36 with prices ranging from $55 up to $170. But until the end of the month, just for being one of my loyal readers, you can save 25% off all canvas gallery wraps by simply entering the code JMOOREGW at checkout.

Now, all I have to do is figure out where to hang it!

*Disclaimer: While all of my reviews are honest and represent my personal opinions, the products in this series were provided by the vendor free of charge.

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