Photographer Highlight: Harold Ross

Last Chance Garage - Harold Ross

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I’ve been in real need of some creative inspiration lately and I have been feeling an urge to experiment with new techniques as I continue to discover my vision and refine my craft. One of my “go-to” places is the member portfolios over at NAPP. There is a wide collection of styles over there and I can usually find a few cool shots here and there, though time doesn’t usually permit much lingering to really take it in.

Such was the case recently when I stumbled across the gallery of fine art photographer Harold Ross. Every shot grabbed me and was impressed and inspired by his ability to communicate his art in a consistent manner – something I feel I am often struggling with.

One of the things that struck me was when I found out that these aren’t HDR images, rather they are light-painted images. Harold explains it this way:

Light painting requires working in a completely dark studio, opening the camera for an extended period of time, and “painting” the light onto the subject. This reveals greater shape, texture and color, and is very much sculpting with light…

…Almost 20 years of experimenting with the specialized technique of light painting has given me the ability to show subjects in a different light so that viewers can appreciate them in an unexpected way.

I’ve seen other examples of this style over the years and was always intrigued but rarely impressed with the process and results. But these photos changed my entire outlook on it.

Another thing that I really connect with is his subject matter. As he discusses why he chooses to shoot what he does, I find myself nodding in agreement with every sentence. He writes:

My process elevates and reinforces the notion that discarded objects can have an extraordinary beauty. I am drawn to things that are rich in texture and surface quality, often turning to natural subjects. In combining these natural elements with man-made objects, I explore their relationships through juxtaposition.

The negative effects of time have often been addressed by artists and writers. I’m convinced that beauty isn’t necessarily diminished when something is “past its prime”. In fact, I feel that there is an innate beauty that only the patina of time can reveal.

Well said!

So if you, too, are looking for some inspiration this weekend, and/or would like something to challenge yourself with, head on over to check out some of the amazing work of Harold Ross.

  • Jason, thanks so much for posting my work on your blog! I’m honored, and I’m impressed with the quality and content of your blog, as well as the quality of it’s readers!
    In appreciation,

    April 2, 2010 at 3:51 pm
  • Thanks to Harold Ross for sharing his ideas about photography. Had visit his blog and I really admire his portfolios. Thanks for posting! Had got an idea from this.

    April 3, 2010 at 2:08 am

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