Illustrator Eric Maruscak & Time Lapse Photography

My friend and colleague¬†illustrator Eric Maruscak is a tremendous artist working in a number of different media – from illustration to cartooning to digital painting to chalk art. And, as I’ve said many times before, I am so lucky that I get to watch him do his thing with his commercial work at our day job.

One of the things Eric does a lot is travel to various fan conventions around the country as a featured guest to produce large chalk murals as a performance piece during the run of the show. (I’d love to see if Scott Kelby and the crew could get him out to Photoshop World… Let the email campaign begin to get him there!) He’s been doing so many of these shows and there’s only so much you can get out of seeing the Flickr photos of the progress and finished pieces.

So, to help you visualize what he does more clearly, Eric has just started producing time-lapse videos of his work to show the entire process from the initial sketch to the 24+ hours of time spent on the floor creating the mural. Right now you can see an initial test he’s been working on, now that he has the equipment he needs and you’ll be able to see an actual piece from start to finish in a couple of weeks when he returns from C2E2 in Chicago.

I think Eric’s first video is great! It’s a fun look at time lapse photography and how one artist uses the medium to share his talent. Keep an eye on for updated videos in the next couple of weeks and check out his new video below now!

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