Friday Photo News & Updates

I’d like to start off by thanking everyone who responded to Wednesday’s post about continuing to build our Photoshop & Photography Community. I truly appreciate you taking the time to share a little bit of your stories with everyone. If you haven’t shared yet, please do! I’d love to hear from as many of you as possible!

There is a lot going on over the next couple of weeks through the beginning of May – personally, here on the blog, and across the digital imaging industry.

Personal News:

  • Baby Liam – As of Monday my wife Kim will be 39 weeks along with our son Liam.  (I’ll update this listing with the latest ultrasound shot once I have a chance to scan it at work, so stop back!). Once he comes, I will obviously be otherwise occupied and will be taking a break from regular posting for awhile. I will still be checking email, social, and comments here, so I won’t be entirely cut-off from the digital world. Don’t worry, I’ll definitely be posting photos of the little guy as I can to introduce him to you all. I can’t wait!

Blog News:

  • Mpix – Even though I will be on “blog leave” for a little while, I will have some pre-written posts scheduled to go up periodically. A pair of them I know of, for sure, are reviews for Mpix products that I’ve been fortunate enough to receive recently. In conjunction with those posts we’ll have special discount codes for all of you to put some of their great products more within. There is still time for you to take advantage of our current code! Enter the promo code JMOOREMET at checkout to take 25% OFF Metallic Paper Prints! Hurry, though, the offer ends tomorrow (4/10/10)!
  • April Contest – Speaking of Mpix, just to serve as a reminder, the April Photo Contest is up and running! Enter up to 3 of your photos by the end of the month for your chance to win a 24×36 Canvas Gallery Wrap (US Residents Only). Check out our Monthly Photo Contest page for complete details.
  • Points of View Photo Project – Since there is a possibility that Liam will be born sometime in the next week and I’ll be, most certainly, otherwise occupied for awhile, I’ve decided to press pause on the Points of View Project until I’m back. If you have a photo you’d like to share with all of us as a potential source image for an upcoming edition of the project, please email the out-of-the-camera-original file to anytime and you may just see it show up!
  • Guest Content – As I said above, I’ll still be checking in with my email and to moderate comments and schedule the occasional post. But, since I won’t be providing regular content, I’d like to invite you to use this space to share some of your own work or thoughts. Email a photo or guest post to and I’ll post it as I can. Be sure to include your name, URL/Twitter/etc. and geographic location so we might be able to direct some good traffic your way.

Industry News:

  • Adobe Creative Suite 5 – So much has been said already about the launch of CS5 on Monday. Now, NAPP has built the Photoshop CS5 Learning Center to help you get up to speed with this latest version. In addition, NAPP will be offering a series of FREE webinars all next week and will be giving away a FREE Upgrade to Photoshop CS5 each day. Check out my buddy Scott Kelby’s blog for all the relevant info.
  • A Timely Global Mosaic – Regular guest-blogger Steve Kalman sent me a link to a cool project put together through The New York Times Lens Blog. On May 2, 2010 at 15:00 (U.T.C) they are asking everyone with a camera or camera phone to snap a photo of whatever you are doing that, when joined with the other contributions, will represent one moment in time across the world. Very cool idea! Who’s in? What do you think>?
  • Jason, as a father I’m thrilled for you and Kim. I have two amazing boys and I highly recommend them as the best anti-aging remedy ever created! I don’t know how I can feel like a kid again on 4 hours of sleep but I do. Sometimes I think I’m just running on the sheer wonder of it all but it’s always more than enough.

    Looking forward to seeing the first pictures. I took so many photos of my youngest that I think I could put together a stop motion of his first year that would almost play back smooth. Just don’t forget to set the camera down and take in the magic now and then.

    And there will be magic. You think Kim is amazing and beautiful now, wait until you see her holding your son. This is going to be the most amazing year of your life to date Jason. I hope, as a community, that we can free you up a little more to fully enjoy it.

    April 9, 2010 at 11:00 am
  • Hey Jason!

    Can’t wait to see Liam! Being a father of three, I could tell you how much fun, excitement, and stress you are about to experience – but I won’t spoil it!

    Seriously though, my kids amaze me more and more everyday and I’m very thankful they don’t mind when Dad wants to make a picture of them.

    Best wishes to you and Kim!


    April 9, 2010 at 11:51 pm

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