Mpix Review: Standouts

Mpix Standout PrintsWelcome to the third installment of our series reviewing some of the excellent product offerings from Mpix.

This time around we’re taking a look at Standout Prints. Specifically we’re looking at a 16×24 standout on E-Surface paper.

Before we get to the review, I want to make sure you take note that until midnight (CST) on May 31, my readers will receive an exclusive special 15% off standout prints ordered with the code JMOORESO entered at checkout. To give you an idea, just the 16×24 standout costs roughly $80, which means the discount could save you about $12, making a print on this product much more within reach.

Now, on with the review!

Standouts are “1.5” thick, lightweight Gatorfoam with a black or white trim around the edges” that makes your images, literally, stand out from the wall to add some real dimension and interest to the image.

Basically, you choose your size and paper type – either Metallic, True Black and White, or E-Surface – and select your trim color and what you will get is a fantastic presentation piece.

I knew right away that the standout would be an excellent way of displaying my work but I was honestly amazed at how it turned out once I had it in my hands. Honestly, with a product like this – same as with the canvas gallery wraps, you really need to see it in person and actually hold it in your hands to truly feel the impact of it. Once I decide where to hang it, I’ll

One of the things that I especially like about this style of print is how the image goes from edge to edge across the Gatorfoam. There’s no border or frame to hold the photo in. Don’t get me wrong, I love the look of a well-framed photo, but there’s something really cool about how the standouts allow the images to really speak for itself without the distraction of a frame. And, as I said before, because the print isn’t flat against the wall your eye is drawn to it even more.

One of the great things about Mpix, too, is the pricing of these products. Even the largest size, 20×30, can be had for under $100, using the promo code JMOORE when checking out.

*Disclaimer: While all of my reviews are honest and represent my personal opinions, the products in this series were provided by the vendor free of charge.


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