Sean Duggan: Artifacts of An Uncertain Origin

Sean Duggan - Ship's Wheel - Artifacts of an Uncertain Origin

Awhile back one of my Facebook friends, photographer Sean Duggan, posted a really cool image (above) that really caught my eye. It’s part of a larger series that was recently published in July/August issue of Photo Techniques Magazine.

About the above photo, he writes:

This one has been percolating for a while. From the initial idea 2 years ago, to finding the wheel 1 year ago, to waiting for winter and finding a good mountain location this year. Taken about a month and a half ago.

{from his site:}

I have been working on this series for almost four years and I am still actively creating new images. These photographs are not digital collages; the artifacts are actually present in the landscape in which they are photographed. The photographs and the experience of creating them exist on more than one level and it is this multi-level quality that keeps the series fresh and intriguing for me, a crucial component for any long-term creative project.

Each of his shots in the series were taken with a pinhole camera with an aperture of f/235 and exposure times of anywhere from 2 seconds to 45 seconds.

To read more about the series, the process and to see a gallery of all the images, check out Sean’s collection of Artifacts of an Uncertain Origin.

  • Gorgeous image and what it’s more interesting to me is the fact that he took almost a year to realize what he had in mind.
    I need to do the same, and keep following my ideas ..
    Thanks for sharing the ohoto and the experience.

    August 8, 2010 at 10:10 am

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