Friday Q&A: Curves

Welcome to our first Friday Q&A session!

My hope is that each week my readers will send in questions about Photoshop, Lightroom, photography, etc. that I can answer and invite other community members to respond to as well. All you have to do is either email me at, leave a comment, use the contact form in the upper right of the page, ask it on the wall of my Photography Facebook Page anytime during the week, or Tweet it to me @JasonDMoore.

Now, for this week’s question…

Our question this week is comes from one of our regulars, Steve, who writes:

“If I open a curves adjustment layer, how do I select a point such that it will select the same point in all channels? In other words, I select a tool (eyedropper?) and click in the image and see a point on the curve in the RGB composite. How do I mark that point in each of the channels at once?”

To add a point to the curve so that it will be marked on all channels you must first select one of the Curves tools (the On-Image Adjustment Tool or an Eyedropper) and hold down Ctrl+Shift (PC) or Cmd+Shift (Mac) and click on the desired part of the  image and the point will be created in each channel. The only exception here, is that with the On-Image Adjustment Tool, the point will only be added to each of the channels, not the RGB Composite. With the Eyedroppers, however, the point will be created on all channels including the RGB Composite.

A great question, Steve! I hope this helped you out and that others will find some direction because you asked the question!

Have any of you used this keyboard shortcut with Curves before? Do you know of a better way? What have you used this feature for in your work? Please share in the comments below!

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