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In the midst of some difficult times professionally – being laid off and thrust out into the job market again – I was contacted by a number of my faithful readers with ideas and opportunities to take on some small projects here and there to help out as things were tight.

Of particular note, I’d like to thank Tim Collins of Second Shootr who has contracted me to write a series of guest articles for the blog over there. Also, Friend-of-the-Blog Chris Stern asked me to design the logo for his new blog that will be launched in the coming weeks. I’d also like to highlight another contributor to this blog, Steve Kalman, who approached me about providing him with a professional portfolio review so he could have an objective critique of his work and would be able to get a sense of what works and what might need some improvement. (You can read his testimonial guest post below this one.)

Thank you Tim, Chris, and Steve for your support during these last few weeks. It has meant so much!

I would like to go back to Steve’s portfolio review, actually. His feedback about my review gave me a great deal of encouragement to continue to offer such services to the community at-large. To that end, I’d like to take this opportunity to announce that I am now accepting requests for portfolio reviews to help my fellow photographers learn and grow in their craft.

My rate is $99 for up to 10 photos and $15/photo for each additional image. It will include a report with an overall assessment of your work along with an individual review of each photo. Rest assured, I am gentle in my approach, but honest. I try to be as constructive and encouraging as possible without being negative.

If you would like more information or to get started with your review, please contact me at reviews@jasondmoore.com today!

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