Day One As a Web Designer at Cornell University

Outreach/Web Assistant for the Cornell Center for Technology Enterprise & Commercialization at Cornell UniversityToday is my first day as the Outreach/Web Assistant at the Cornell Center for Technology Enterprise & Commercialization.

In the nearly 11 months since I was last employed in a full-time position, I must have applied or sent my resume to a couple hundred companies with little, if any, response. This economy has hit creative professionals pretty hard and the competition for jobs in the creative fields is fierce. In all that time, I only had 6 interviews with: a religious organization, a marketing firm, a cluster of radio stations, an ad agency, a forklift manufacturing company, and Cornell.

As I look back on the silent replies and drawn out pauses between interviews and rejections, I think about how it was one of the most prestigious universities in the world that said yes, and it makes me feel very humbled and honored to be the one chosen for the job. It tells me that I really do know what I’m doing and it verifies that I am capable of so much more than my previous job if somewhere like Cornell wants me.

I look at every job as an opportunity to learn and grow. My first job out of college was like a master class in video production and live event A/V and I took huge leaps forward in becoming a Photoshop Expert and graphic designer. At my last job I learned so much about SEO, marketing, and web design – invaluable skills both personally and professionally. And now for the next chapter. I know that, like every other job I’ve had, I will build on the solid foundations I’ve laid before and I will face the challenges before me head-on and I will be the better for it.

Here goes!

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