Recreating a Moment with Tim Burton

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a NYC man who wanted to see if I could fix the photo below because his camera wasn’t focusing properly and was giving him really blurry photos.

Blurry Photo of Tim Burton

There is just not enough information in the details of the people to sharpen it in any significant way and I certainly couldn’t make a sharp photo out of it. I emailed him back apologetically saying that there just wasn’t anything I could do. He thanked me for taking a look and I thought we were done.

Later that same evening, I received another email from him asking if it was possible to piece them together to form the group shot once again. I explained that if the shots were taken under similar direction and quality of light to each other – and the background where the final image would be set – there was a chance that I could put them together and I asked him to send me the files so I could take a look.

Tim Burton

Helena Bonham Carter

Background Image

Though initially unrecognizable in the original blurry photo, the man on the right turns out to be Tim Burton and the woman in the flowery dress is his wife, Helena Bonham Carter! My client is a 9/11 survivor and he and his wife (in the light blue) volunteer leading walking tours at the Tribute Center and his wife had the opportunity to lead the Burtons on a tour that day. She’s a huge fan and uses some of his concepts as inspiration for lessons she uses in her work as an art teacher.

So, I got the individual images and composited them all together to make a file my client was very excited about.

Final Composite of Tim BurtonIt’s really cool as a creative professional to employ my talents in an effort to preserve memories for my clients. This isn’t a perfect composite by any means – the lighting wasn’t quite matched between source images and they were taken with different camera which output the photos at different qualities, and the pairings of people wasn’t the same as the actual “in person” moment – but the important part was that the memory from the day is no longer lost because of a faulty camera. And that’s pretty neat.

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