Photo Restoration Fun

I recently finished a photo restoration job for a family friend that was challenging, but ultimately quite successful.

I was given two originals – a rare thing – and each one was pretty badly damaged. The “good” thing was that they were damaged in mostly different areas.

Ingerson Photo Restoration A    Ingerson Photo Restoration B

That meant that I could take areas from one to fix the other and come up with a complete photo. Then, it was just a matter of repairing the creases, scratches, and tape marks. However, since one of the originals was entirely cut off on the bottom, and the other had the corners cut, I had to do a little Photoshop Magic to finish it off. I was very lucky that there was enough detail left in her face between the two copies to make it work. Everything else can be retouched or even faked a little bit to create a convincing restoration. But if the face is too far gone, there’s not much hope.

All-in-all, I think it turned out quite nicely!

Ingerson Photo Restoration Final
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