Photoshop Training with TutorGrams – Guest Post by Daniel Marks

Photoshop is everywhere. It’s used in every field from an astronomer using it to process galactic images to a web developer designing a logo for a client (see more cool professions that rely on Photoshop here). Whether you like it or not, when you need to edit an image or create new graphics, most people rely on Photoshop. In fact, the term “Photoshopping” has become an accepted way to describe any kind of alterations to a photo.

Photoshop being everywhere is nice and all but why should you personally get Photoshop training?

In a nutshell: because everyone uses photos and graphics. By learning to use Photoshop, you’ll be able to gain much more control over the images you use everyday. For instance, you could remove blemishes from your face, change the background of a photo you took or simply swap some colors around on a picture. But you can also do so much more. You can create graphics from scratch, add text to a photo, create animated GIFs, colorize old black and white pictures and more. You can basically use Photoshop to make almost any change you could imagine.

As you can see, learning Photoshop can be justified for purely personal reasons. However, learning Photoshop can also make a lot of sense for professional reasons. Almost every business works with images on a daily basis. Some businesses have in-house designers that handle all their graphic design work. Odds are these businesses will only be looking for heavy-duty designers with years of experience and relevant education. But, there are a whole host of businesses out there that are constantly hiring contractors for every little piece of Photoshop work they need. This is where you come in. Being able to offer Photoshop help for businesses means they don’t need to outsource every bit of graphic work that comes their way. It’s one way of making yourself more valuable to a company.

Maybe the most compelling reason to learn Photoshop is if you work for yourself. You might have a website that uses images, or want to create a brochure or need a logo. Instead of relying on someone else for every little task which can be tedious and expensive, you can simply learn the tasks yourself.

All this isn’t to say that you should avoid Photoshop contractors. They can be very helpful! It’s simply worth considering the benefits of learning Photoshop for yourself. If you’re interested in learning more about Photoshop training, you can check out TutorGrams for more information. TutorGrams is an online tutoring service where you can receive one on one Photoshop training from an expert.


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