Quotes & Testimonials

Over the past few years I’ve been blessed to have come in contact with some pretty awesome people in the industry. Some are names you would probably recognize, others you might not, but they are all amazing individuals who have helped me get to where I am today through their encouragement and their support.

Below are quotes from some of those people with respect to my work, and I am always amazed at what they’ve had to say.

“I love your photography. I had admired your work on the NAPP Gallery before—even before you sent me the link. You’ve got some very inspiring work—a great eye (which is what it’s all about), and some great Photoshop skills to boot! Congrats!”

Scott Kelby


“Frankly, I believe your search is over if you desire a hard worker who cares about his product, and want someone who can relate well to people (techies and non-techies), listens well (especially to a client like myself who sometimes has problems articulating what her needs are!), and someone who can handle a complex project with a lot of moving parts.

Jason sees the critical path and will get the job done with minimum muss and fuss. But lots of applicants can do that. Beyond that, Jason is a total package: he is an EDUCATOR with a passion to help others do their own best work. He generously shares his knowledge and is renowned for his expertise in Photoshop.

Everyone here enjoyed working with him and if I had a webmaster or graphic arts or videographer job here I would hire him instantly! He has my very VERY highest recommendation. You absolutely cannot go wrong with Jason. I wish I had 10 of him.”

-Jean Armour Polly
Executive Director, Liverpool Public Library
Net-mom, Former Member of ICANN, and Coiner of the Term “Surfing the Internet


“[I saw] a preview of your work….IT”S AWESOME! What a huge step up for us. This sucker is going to be beautiful. Thanks for being ridiculous behind the camera. You’re going to make us look like pros!”

Bill Davern
Director of Fine Arts, West Genesee Central School District (NY)


“I think you’ve got good things going on and check in with your blog regularly.”

“Jason runs a blog that is a great resource for any photog out there wanting to keep up with the “latest and greatest”… Be sure to put his blog on your “visit list”. Good Stuff over there.”

“And don’t forget to check out my buddy, Jason Moore’s site – he is a always a treasured Nugget of a find.”

David Ziser


“I just wanted to say I love your blog!”

Crash Taylor


“I believe in you.”

-Firgs, Design by Firgs


“Congratulations! This image has been selected as an Editors’ Choice 10/13/06. – This image has great light and shadows. Great geometry. Great depth of field. This is the consensus from our judges… We also think your framing technique and signature is the BEST of all member portfolios!”

“Congratulations! This has been selected by NAPP as an Editors’ Choice this week! 12/1/06 – Larry Becker, NAPP Executive Director – This (and many other images in this portfolio) make us want to be there. This is beautiful art.”

Larry Becker, NAPP Executive Director


“Jason, your portfolio is absolutely inspiring! I would love to spend a day learning from you. So many shots here are favorites, but this was the first I saw. Fantastic!”

“Jason! Your work drives me nuts! I love the subtly, softness and color. Why can’t I get shots like this! 😉 Ok, Awesome, your entire portfolio, …Awesome!”

“Jason – I keep coming back to your portfolio, Love Your Work! If ever over in NW CT, look me up… And please, please – Teach Me! 😉 ”

Doug Evans


“Jason – what a thrill to discover your work. You are truly an artist of the highest calibre. Wonderful.”
John Norton