Guest Post: One Lens – By Jessica Sweeney


He knows what you have in your camera bag!

I love my photography gear as much as anyone. And I have a good reason to do so, because if I didn’t have any gear I wouldn’t be able to take any photographs. Ever. Even for sketching you need paper and a pencil, or the wall of a cave and some sort of pigment, if we want to go back even further. And talent. Which is why sketching has never really worked out for me.

So, gear is necessary. However, at the same time, choice creates confusion. It slows us down. Should I take my point and shoot with me? Or should I take my DSLR? Or do I want to bring my film SLR with me? And what lenses? Extra batteries? Lens hoods? What camera bag should I put them in? Do I need a tripod? A monopod? And once I’ve made these choices, packed my bag and gone out into the world to shoot, I’m still not done.

If you’re like me you can’t bear to leave lenses at home. Tripods, yes. Ugly, heavy things only slow me down! Extra batteries I’ve been known to forget. Lens hoods have been lost in the wilderness and I didn’t even mourn. (True story.) But my lenses are my pride and joy. I cherish them. I don’t go anywhere without at least two. Because what if I need that wide angle shot? What if I see some rare beast 500 yards away and I couldn’t get a shot without my longest telephoto? What if I need the delicious blurring ability of my Lensbaby? It would be a tragedy to miss the shot.

Or would it?