Photo Restoration Fun

I recently finished a photo restoration job for a family friend that was challenging, but ultimately quite successful. I was given two originals - a rare thing - and each one was pretty badly damaged. The "good" thing was that they were damaged in mostly different areas.      That meant that...

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As Promised: Photoshop CS6: Video QuickStart Sample

To learn more about how to use Photoshop check out my series Photoshop CS6: Video QuickStart at! This is an HD video, so it may take a few minutes to open. (If anyone has a better video player for Wordpress, I'm all ears!) [sublimevideo-lightbox poster="" src1="" width="640" height="360"][/sublimevideo-lightbox]...

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Photoshopping and the Media – A Conversation with a High School Freshman

Back in early April, I was approached by a high school freshman who was working on a paper about the role of Photoshop and photo manipulation in the media – both news and otherwise – and how that affects self-image in young people. I was, of course, glad to help out and below is how I responded to her questions about my views on the subject and how I make my own decisions with regards to Photoshop and image retouching. It’s kind of a stream of consciousness and could certainly be expanded upon, so please bear with my jumping around.

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Recreating a Moment with Tim Burton

A couple of weeks ago I was contacted by a NYC man who wanted to see if I could fix the photo below because his camera wasn’t focusing properly and was giving him really blurry photos.

Blurry Photo of Tim Burton

There is just not enough information in the details of the people to sharpen it in any significant way and I certainly couldn’t make a sharp photo out of it. I emailed him back apologetically saying that there just wasn’t anything I could do. He thanked me for taking a look and I thought we were done.