As Promised: Photoshop CS6: Video QuickStart Sample

To learn more about how to use Photoshop check out my series Photoshop CS6: Video QuickStart at! This is an HD video, so it may take a few minutes to open. (If anyone has a better video player for Wordpress, I'm all ears!) [sublimevideo-lightbox poster="" src1="" width="640" height="360"][/sublimevideo-lightbox]...

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Photoshop Evangelist Contest Entry

As today is the deadline for entering the Next Photoshop Evangelist Contest, I thought I would share my entry with all of you. If you’ve been following me on my Jason D. Moore Photography Facebook Page or on Twitter, you’ve seen me post this before.

Each video has to be no more than two minutes (check!), use Photoshop CS5 (check!), teach one of the new features in CS5 (check!), and incorporate the concept of “20” in the final image to celebrate the 20th anniversary of Photoshop (check!).

Once they have all the entries, the judges will be weeding out the videos that don’t fit the criteria and select up to 12 finalists. At that point, between September 8th-20th, voting will open up to the Photoshop Facebook Community and the video with the highest number of votes wins.

Photoshop Training DVD Interest Inquiry

As I mentioned yesterday, I am in the planning stages of producing my own Photoshop Training DVD geared for beginners and advanced intermediate users.

Instead of just jumping in and producing something based on what I think people want, I thought I would start by asking a few questions so I could hear from you and tailor the final project to more closely fit your needs as my target audience.

So, They Think I Can Teach Photoshop!

So, You Think You Can Teach Photoshop?!That’s right! I received official word that I was selected as one of the Honorable Mention winners in the NAPP So, You Think You Can Teach Photoshop?! contest! And I would I like to take this opportunity to thank the judges for this honor and opportunity.

Though it would’ve been awesome to claim the top slot and have the opportunity to teach a live session at Photoshop World in March as well as on their podcasts, I am truly humbled that I am ranked along with some other very talented Photoshop instructors.

Photoshop Video Contest: Entry #3

So, You Think You Can Teach Photoshop?!This final entry into the So You Think You Can Teach Photoshop contest is one of my personal favorites.

From the first time I saw it I knew I had to figure out how to recreate it for myself. After doing some research, I only found two videos out there that showed how to create the effect. I feel that this is the best entry I have into the contest. I think the production values are good, the content is strong, the effect is unique and interesting, and the process I present is user-friendly and that it all came together quite nicely.

Photoshop Video Contest: Entry#2

So, You Think You Can Teach Photoshop?!For this next video, I take a look back at a technique I used while developing a marketing campaign at work last spring. It is a concept I borrowed from a car commercial I saw a few years back that added some mystery to the new model that was coming out.

I made a few changes to make it work with what we wanted to do with the volleyball shoe we were selling and I think it has some real potential for uses from product shots to design elements to portrait photography. The possibilities are endless.