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“Ask Jason” Reminders and a New Regular Column

August 11, 2009 in Inspiration, News, Photo Review, Photography, Photoshop, Tutorials

First off, I’d like to remind you that I am still accepting your submissions for photo reviews wherein you send me one of your photos (800px on the longest side) and I will look at it and write up my thoughts here on the blog. Just if you’ve read any of my other photo reviews you will know that I try to bring out all of the positive aspects of your shot while also pointing out what I would do differently or what you might consider doing for future images.

I have found that it can be a great learning experience and a chance to get your images out in front of a new audience as well. However, if you are nervous about using your name, just ask and I’ll make sure it is listed as anonymous. So send in your photos today!

Now that one project is over it’s time for another one to begin! Starting today, use the “Contact” button up at the top to send me Photoshop-related questions that you would like to know more about and each week I will answer them here on the blog. Whether it’s a question about technique, composition, shortcuts, or whatever! So start sending me your questions and see them answered right here in the coming days!

New Online Magazine: Creative Studio (CAFE)

June 10, 2009 in Inspiration, News, Photography, Photoshop

Photoshop Cafe's New Creative Studio Cafe Online Magazine

I was looking through my latest email CAFE Cup news from PhotoshopCAFE and noticed that Colin just launched the first issue of his new online magazine, Creative Studio (CAFE).

For this inaugural issue, Colin has assembled an awesome group of experts to talk about what’s new in CS4. It’s more than just a listing of new features, they go in-depth to really show how some of the newest features work and how they will help you improve your workflow.

In other news, I was reading Scott’s post the other day about and how they are now letting you create your own page of RSS feeds. Scott links us to his page to see the blogs that he checks up on every day and I was pleasantly surprised to see that I am on his list! Very cool!

And speaking of Scott, I was reading the blog of my buddy Rob Jones of Towner Jones Photography and he recently posted about the judges for the “On Assignment” contest. I was asked to be on the panel of judges but when I saw that the other members were Scott and Photowalker Extraordinaire Jeff Revell, I was humbled.

I never want to sell myself short but I am always amazed when movers and shakers in the digital photography community take notice of what I’m doing here in my little corner of the web or when others count me among those same individuals whom I hold in such high esteem.

So, thank you Scott! And thank you Rob! for such honors.

P&P Weekly: #107

January 21, 2009 in Blogroll, Photography, Photoshop

Welcome to week #107 of The Photoshop & Photography Blogroll’s P&P Weekly! 

It’s been an exciting couple of weeks here at Jason D. Moore Photography! I’ve seen a dramatic increase in readers and I’d like to start off by welcoming all of the newcomers! I would also like to thank those of you who have linked here, particularly about Part I of the John Nack interview. It is very much appreciated!

There has been some growth on the sponsorship front! As I announced last week, the Photoshop Interviews series is now sponsored in part by Towner Jones Photography and there has been interest in sponsorships for other ongoing projects which will be announced once the details are finalized.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor of one of our weekly or monthly series, or if you would like to be a sponsor of the blog as a whole, please take a minute to review our “Become a Sponsor” page to find out how!

Also this week, and I realize it might’ve gotten lost in the midst of all of the inaugural excitement, I am now offering my photographic prints for sale! Not only will you now be able to own a piece of my work you can get it for a discounted rate for a limited time! Scroll down to yesterday’s post for more details!

On the 4th – Send your photos in today!

On the 4th of each month throughout the year I invite you to take a photo and send it in. Join me and other photographers from around the world in documenting a day in the life, of sorts. For full details, take a look at our introductory post. If you shot something on January 4th, send me your images today so they will be included in the project!

Monthly Photo Contests

Full details can be found on our Monthly Photo Contest post and you can submit your shot(s) to our Monthly Photo Contest Flickr Group.  

Workflow Fridays

Every other Friday, we will welcome a new guest blogger that will share their personal workflow with all of us. They will take one of their own photos and walk us through the how’s and why’s of their post-processing techniques so that we might learn and expand our own workflows.

This Friday we will be welcoming photographer Jeff Revell of PhotoWalkPro as he shares his Lightroom workflow.

If you would like to participate in this new series, please email me or leave a comment!

Photoshop Interviews

Part II of my interview with Photoshop Hall of Fame inductee and Principal Project Manager for Adobe Photoshop and Bridge (and Friend-of-the-Blog) John Nack is coming soon!

Geographic Composition

Our upcoming themes – and their posting dates – are:

  • Week #46 – January 30: “Shadows”
  • Week #47 – Frbruary 13: “Round”
  • Week #48 – February 27: “Contasts”
  • Week #49 – March 13: “Wood”
  • Week #50 – March 27: Contributor’s Favorites

More details about Geographic Composition. 

Monthly Desktop Calendars

Starting in January I am offering special desktop wallpaper calendars. These desktop calendars will feature my personal photography as well as a listing of holidays and important dates. I offer these wallpaper calendars in a variety of sizes to accommodate a number of screen resolutions. The January Desktop Calendars are up now and February’s will be posted next week.

Get Your Monthly Desktop Calendar Today!

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