4 Exciting Photo-Related Plans in the Works

With all the attention in the photo industry focussed on what’s going to be happening down in Orlando this week at Photoshop World it can be easy to forget about all the other great things going on in other regions of the community. Now, I love Photoshop World and NAPP and I look forward to when I can make my way back to one soon. But I want to make sure you are all aware of some really cool plans coming up here at Jason D. Moore Photography.

The Results Are In! February 2010 Photo Contest!

Jason D. Moore's Monthly Photo Contests

It’s that time again to announce the winner of our Monthly Photo Contest here at Jason D. Moore Photography! There were a lot of excellent photos entered this month and I have definitely seen some growth in the work coming from many of the regular submitters this time around. Nice work!

I have enlisted the help of the January winner, Chris Stern to help in the judging this month – as we will do from here on out with the winner serving as guest judge for the following month. Thank you Chris!

Don’t forget to scroll all the way down to the bottom of the post to see what’s in store for the March Photo Contest!

And so, the winner of the Canvas Gallery Wrap from IGT America is…

Points of View Photo Project #26

Points of view Photo Project #26 Source ImageWelcome to the 26th edition of the Points of View Photo Project here at Jason D. Moore Photography!

This week’s source image came from regular contributor, Henrik Demey from Belgium. About the photo, he writes:

“This picture was taken during a city trip to Prague, Czechia. It shows the central interior of the Saint Nicholas Church, on the Old Town Square. This baroque church dates from 1735.”

Thanks for sharing your shot with us, Hendrik! If any of you would like to share one of your shots with us to use as our source image in an upcoming week, please send it to me at pov@jasondmoore.com and you may see it in the next few weeks.

And now, onto this week’s contributions!

Points of View Photo Project #24

Points of View Photo ProjectWelcome to the 24th edition of the Points of View Photo Project here at Jason D. Moore Photography!

UPDATE: New deadline for submitting your version of the image for week #25!

Each week readers from all over the world tackle a common source image and display it to show the many interpretations, perspectives, and approaches that can be taken from the same starting point. I always fins it interesting how a single image can be manipulated and processed to express such different feelings and emotions.

If you are new to the project, or if you’ve been following along regularly and would like to participate, be sure to scroll to click on “More…” and scroll down to the bottom to download the source image for next week and learn how to submit.

But now, on with this week’s images!

Points of View Photo Project: #23

Points of View Photo ProjectWelcome to our 23rd edition of the Points of View Photo Project here at Jason D. Moore Photography!

We saw a really good showing this week with 5 participants in the project! Thank you all so much! I think we have a great mixture of interpretations this time around that I’m sure you will enjoy. I particularly appreciate it when someone really makes it their own and does something special with it – be it a nice processing treatment or an outside-the-box edit job.

Before we get too much farther I’d like to, once again, extend an invitation to you to share your out-of-the-camera original images to serve as our starting point in an upcoming week. Read on down to the bottom of the post for more info and where to send it.

And now, on to the images!

Points of View Photo Project: #21

Welcome to the 21st week of the Points of View Photo Project here at Jason D. Moore Photography!

For those of you new to the project, each week I post a source image that is straight out of the camera that readers are free to download and manipulate however they please (as long has it is used for the sole purpose of this project) and then send it back to me for posting here. The goal is to share the many different interpretations – or points of view – that can be applied to a common source image.

This week, we have 3 different takes on the original coming from myself and a couple of our regulars, Andy and Hendrik. If you would like to participate, click on the “more” link below and find out how you can take part in our special, reader-submitted HDR Points of View Project.

January 2010 Photo Contest Announcement

That’s right! With the new year comes a new Photo Contest for you all!

For anyone new to the contests, basically all you have to do is head over to our January 2010 Photo Contest Flickr Group and submit up to 3 of your photos. At the beginning of February, I will select the winner.

So take the new camera you got for Christmas out of its box, install your brand new copy of Lightroom, process it using your new Photoshop plugins, and send in your shots today for your chance to win!