Just a quick note, Kim and I have been at the hospital since last night to be induced. It's been a long day of waiting with only a little progress, but Liam's stats are great and Kim is really hanging in there like a champ!...

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Friday Photo News & Updates

I’d like to start off by thanking everyone who responded to Wednesday’s post about continuing to build our Photoshop & Photography Community. I truly appreciate you taking the time to share a little bit of your stories with everyone. If you haven’t shared yet, please do! I’d love to hear from as many of you as possible!

There is a lot going on over the next couple of weeks through the beginning of May – personally, here on the blog, and across the digital imaging industry.

Photoshop & Photography Community

First off, I’d like to wish my beautiful wife, Kim, a very Happy Engagement Anniversary! In the wee hours of April 7, 2007 after returning home from Photoshop World in Boston, Kim surprised me at my apartment to welcome me home. We spent the next several hours talking and when I presented her with my grandmother’s wedding ring, she and I decided to spend the rest of our lives together. Now, 3 years later, we have a very happy marriage, a house, an awesome puppy, and our first little one on his way at anytime.

Thank you Kim, for loving me the way you do and for sharing this adventure with me! I am truly blessed! I Love You!


And now, on with the post…

(NOTE: This post was intended to be posted last week, but there was an error between the seat and the keyboard, later found to be an Id10-T problem, when scheduling. My apologies.)

Ever since I refocused my online presence towards Photoshop and digital photography back in 2006 with the Photoshop & Photography Blogroll, one of my main goals was to develop a community of creative people who would participate in projects and contests, offer tips and tutorials, and simply engage one another as we each develop our craft.

Weekend Photo Shoot

Over the weekend I had the pleasure of setting up in my living room to shoot some photos of my beautiful wife Kim, her friend Tisha and her husband Steve, and even get a new headshot taken – by Kim.

Find out more about the setup I used and check out a selection from the shoot after the jump…

We’re Having a Boy!

Today, Kim and I found out that we are 20 weeks and 5 days along as we prepare for the arrival of our son Liam in April! The ultrasound showed good development of all of his organs and we heard another strong heartbeat as he...

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