Guest Post: Your Camera Called – It Wants a Photographer Upgrade – by Kevin Halliburton

If you are like me, you have been shopping for newer and better image making gear in the last 12 months. Maybe you aren’t spending your money at the moment but you have probably at least been enviously tracking some of the latest developments, and wow, have there been some developments! Camera intelligence is rocketing forward at an amazing rate.

It leaves me wondering, when will cameras become intelligent enough to start shopping for better photographers? Think about that possibility for a moment. What upgrades would your camera be shopping for if it was in the market for a photographer upgrade?

This is an actual exercise I give myself at least once a year. I make a photographer upgrade wish list for my camera then I go shopping for the training, information and disciplines I need to better meet those specs.

Photo Inspiration Thursday: The Lonely Pixel

Last week I shared with you a process for Using Textures with Photos on a shot of the Eiffel Tower I took a couple of years ago. It’s a style that I haven’t used that often but has really drawn me in and provided a great deal of creative energy for me.

When I was going through my comments recently, weeding out the spam, I found a comment that seemed legit but was picked up by the filters. I visited the site that was included and was really taken by the imagery that I was presented with by an art photographer that uses this technique perfectly in her work.

Photo Contest Update!

In speaking with Chris Stern, the winning photographer from the January Photo Contest, he asked if he could share the prize with one of the other photographers highlighted in yesterday’s post. He felt that there were so many awesome entries (and there were!) and that being chosen as the winner was a surprise and an honor in and of itself, and I should revisit the honorable mentions to select an additional winner to receive the physical prize for this month.

To honor Chris’ generous request, I have done just that! And so, the book goes to:

Guest Post: Stop! You are NOT a Photographer! – by Kevin Halliburton

Who let the dogs out

Let's Blog!

First off, I want to thank Jason for investing the years it has taken to build this invaluable blog and for risking it all on me for a day. It feels like someone just handed me the keys to their priceless sports car and told me to have fun, so thanks Jason, buckle up!

You are not a photographer. You are a story teller. When that sinks in it will transform your work.

Reverse lighting engineers aside, (you know who you are) most people are drawn to an image by its story line, not the perfectly executed technique.

That’s an easy thing to forget, and the more gear you add the harder it is to remember. The photographer’s job is rarely to create a technically perfect reproduction of a scene but rather to illustrate a compelling story as clearly as possible.