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April 7, 2010 in Personal, Photography, Photoshop

First off, I’d like to wish my beautiful wife, Kim, a very Happy Engagement Anniversary! In the wee hours of April 7, 2007 after returning home from Photoshop World in Boston, Kim surprised me at my apartment to welcome me home. We spent the next several hours talking and when I presented her with my grandmother’s wedding ring, she and I decided to spend the rest of our lives together. Now, 3 years later, we have a very happy marriage, a house, an awesome puppy, and our first little one on his way at anytime.

Thank you Kim, for loving me the way you do and for sharing this adventure with me! I am truly blessed! I Love You!


And now, on with the post…

(NOTE: This post was intended to be posted last week, but there was an error between the seat and the keyboard, later found to be an Id10-T problem, when scheduling. My apologies.)

Ever since I refocused my online presence towards Photoshop and digital photography back in 2006 with the Photoshop & Photography Blogroll, one of my main goals was to develop a community of creative people who would participate in projects and contests, offer tips and tutorials, and simply engage one another as we each develop our craft.

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Guest Post: Don’t Miss the Story – by Rob Jones

April 5, 2010 in Guest Blogger, Inspiration, Personal, Photography, TJM Media Group

Hi gang. First of all I’d like to thank Jason for giving me the opportunity to take the helm of such a great blog. As a fellow blogger, the quality and consistency of posts coming from this web address is something to be admired. Jason keep up the great work.

To be honest, when Jason first approached me with the request to guest blog, I had every intention to use the opportunity to put together some funny, two-bit post on photographers and all their quirks. As you know, we’re a different breed of people and I’ve found we all enjoy poking fun at ourselves and others like us. However, that blog entry is going to have to wait for a future post, because the events of the last few days have shifted the attitude and emotion I have to bring to the virtual table. Thanks in advance for understanding.

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Photographic Inspiration: What Does It For You?

March 29, 2010 in Inspiration, Photography

The initial content of this post isn’t going to be very long, but I hope your contributions will help us all tap back into those things which first compelled us to pick up our cameras.

I’d like to invite each and every one of you to take a moment on this Monday to remember your beginnings as photographers. What got you into it? Who gave you your first camera and what did that mean to you at the time? What keeps you coming back to photography? How has this art form impacted your life? Where do you find your inspiration?

One of the things that often inspires me is to hear the stories of others, especially when they are talking about their passions. So, if you would, share your stories in the comments below. Everyone has something to offer and even if you may not think so, you will be an inspiration too! It will be a great way to start off your week!

4 Exciting Photo-Related Plans in the Works

March 23, 2010 in Contest, Guest Blogger, Inspiration, News, Personal, Photography, Photoshop, TJM Media Group

With all the attention in the photo industry focussed on what’s going to be happening down in Orlando this week at Photoshop World it can be easy to forget about all the other great things going on in other regions of the community. Now, I love Photoshop World and NAPP and I look forward to when I can make my way back to one soon. But I want to make sure you are all aware of some really cool plans coming up here at Jason D. Moore Photography.

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New Page Added: Kudos

March 3, 2010 in Inspiration, Personal, Photography, Photoshop

Not trying to blow my own horn, or anything, but I compiled a number of quotes that some of my fellow bloggers and fans have had to say about my work here on the blog and about my photography as well.

You can check out what they have to say over on a new page called “Photo Quotesin my “About” section. It is, by no means, a complete listing and I’m sure I’ll add to it as we go.

Thank you to everyone who has shared such amazing words of encouragement and support over the years! I truly appreciate it and it keeps me going – especially when I fall into a rut that I don’t think I can get out of.

Points of View Photo Project #24

February 5, 2010 in Inspiration, Photography, Photoshop

Points of View Photo ProjectWelcome to the 24th edition of the Points of View Photo Project here at Jason D. Moore Photography!

UPDATE: New deadline for submitting your version of the image for week #25!

Each week readers from all over the world tackle a common source image and display it to show the many interpretations, perspectives, and approaches that can be taken from the same starting point. I always fins it interesting how a single image can be manipulated and processed to express such different feelings and emotions.

If you are new to the project, or if you’ve been following along regularly and would like to participate, be sure to scroll to click on “More…” and scroll down to the bottom to download the source image for next week and learn how to submit.

But now, on with this week’s images!

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PRESS RELEASE: Announcing the TJM Media Group

January 28, 2010 in News, Photography, Photoshop, Tutorials, Video

For Immediate Release…

Towner Jones Photography, LLC and Jason D. Moore Photography are pleased to announce the formation of the TJM Media Group. This new association serves as a common brand through which exciting new projects can be presented from these two established photography and graphic design content providers.

On February 1, 2010 the TJM Media Group will present the first episode of “Start to Finish” a Photoshop and photography training series showing viewers the complete creative process from capture to presentation. TJM Media Group content will be available through each of the members’ blogs as well as directly through the TJM Media Group website ( when it goes live in the coming weeks.

Guest Post: Stop! You are NOT a Photographer! – by Kevin Halliburton

January 25, 2010 in Guest Blogger, Photography

Who let the dogs out

Let's Blog!

First off, I want to thank Jason for investing the years it has taken to build this invaluable blog and for risking it all on me for a day. It feels like someone just handed me the keys to their priceless sports car and told me to have fun, so thanks Jason, buckle up!

You are not a photographer. You are a story teller. When that sinks in it will transform your work.

Reverse lighting engineers aside, (you know who you are) most people are drawn to an image by its story line, not the perfectly executed technique.

That’s an easy thing to forget, and the more gear you add the harder it is to remember. The photographer’s job is rarely to create a technically perfect reproduction of a scene but rather to illustrate a compelling story as clearly as possible.

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Points of View Photo Project #22

January 22, 2010 in Inspiration, Lightroom, Photography, Photoshop

Welcome to the 22nd edition of the Points of View Photo Project! This week we have been lucky enough to have a chance to work with not one, but three source images from reader and blog contributor Steve Kalman who challenged us to produce an HDR image, if we were so bold to try it.

Read on to see what some of our regulars have done with these photos and to learn how you can grab next week’s source image and participate in this excellent project that gets your creative juices flowing, invites you to experiment and try new things, and opens you up to the different perspectives that can come from a common image.

Also, be sure to scroll down to the bottom to find out how you can share your photos and a source image for one of our upcoming editions of the project!

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Best Shots of 2009: A Year in Review

December 30, 2009 in Inspiration, Lightroom, Personal, Photography, Photoshop

As the old year passes I like to take a few minutes and review my work from the previous 12 months.

I know I took more bad shots than good but, as I’ve been told, a professional is someone who knows which photos to leave out of their portfolio. I also tend to believe that any artist worth anything is never satisfied with their work. It is never finished, simply abandoned.

So as we round out the year, rather than showing you some great shots, here is a collection of my photos that sucked the least. (Just kidding…)

Take a look through my Best Photos of 2009 gallery and let me know which are your favorites!